Missrose Ferrari Cream Eyeliner (16)


Missrose Ferrari Cream Eyeliner (16)


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Product Description

What it is:

Miss Rose   Ferrari  Cream Eye liner with Brush delivers bold color that lasts. Whether you want a perfectly defined line or a smokey eye, this amazing formula blends easily and won’t fade or crease.


Why You’ll Love It:

– The eyeliner lines and defines with smooth, even color that looks fresh all day

– To enhance the shape and color of your eyes by using eyeliner

– Easy to color, waterproof, long-lasting, your eyes will look larger and nicer

. Equipped with a brush.


How to Use:

  • Pick up a small amount of eye liner with the brush. With the other hand, hold the eyelid taut to open up the lash line.
  • Apply the eye liner close to the lash line, starting from the inner corner and working towards the outer corner.